Top Tips For Healthier Hair

Healthier hair is a complicated issue. It depends on your gene, diet, pollution, and whatnot. However, you can still do your best by following these simple healthy hair care routine.

1. Add more protein to your diet

Hair is primarily made up of protein. So, the first step towards healthier hair is to increase your protein intake. Here is a list of high protein foods:

• Fish
• Eggs
• Beans
• Lean meat
• Dairy products
• Poultry

2. Zinc is also important

You need to include minerals like zinc in your diet. It will make your hair stronger and fuller. Here are some foods rich in zinc:

• Fruits
• Leafy vegetables
• Zinc supplements

3. Shampoo regularly

But don’t overdo it. Too much shampoo is also bad for your hair. It eats up the necessary oil in the hair. The frequency of shampooing your hair depends on your hair type – dry, normal or oily. Do not use a shampoo with too many chemicals. It’s better to go for organic shampoo.

4. Cut it out

You should regularly go for a haircut. It is necessary to remove those double-strand hairs. It’s necessary to remove them because they can harm the overall health of your skin. It’s recommended to have a haircut every month.

5. Know your hair

Everyone’s hair is different. This implies that the hair regime followed by everyone should also be different. You need to understand your hair for better hair care. Your hair preference will depend on a lot of things, but most prominently:

• Your hair type
• Your activity level
• And, how often you use hair products

The bottom line
If you follow these 5 healthy hair care tips you will be able to see healthier and fuller hair within a couple of months.

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