Good Vibes Toner – Rose Glow

Rose is the symbol of beauty and what better than this natural ingredient to apply on the face. I am using this Rose Glow Good Vibes Toner for the last 10 days and can’t stop myself from recommending it to others.

First of all, the fragrance, so subtle and so alluring. Secondly, applying it instantly wakes up the face and it is so light that it felt so soothing on my skin. I loved that soothing sensation. I apply it daily as a moisturizer and if necessary as the primer for makeup.

The packaging says that it contains Bulgarian, wild and normal rose extracts which give it anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Well, the dullness of my face has surely reduced and yes, it evens out the skin tone, so I guess I am pretty delighted with it.

Also, I have felt that the oil secretion has fairly reduced on my face since the time I have started using it. So, the skin of my face and neck always feels light and refreshing.

I am having a wonderful experience with this toner. I recommend you also try this and get the benefits from the properties of rose extracts.

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