Good Vibes Toner – Cucumber

Imagine having all the wonderful benefits of cucumber in your toner and cherry on the top – it works well.

Good Vibes Toner claims that it is cruelty-free and it is purely made from cucumber. Well, I tasted them.

The main effect of cucumber is that it tightens the pore and balance the hydration in the skin. And guess what! It works. I got rid of my dry skin which used to become extremely oily sometimes and sometimes so rough that I was afraid for it’s well being. Now it remains perfectly hydrated and that supple texture gives the glow and perfect tightness.

It also works excellently well in removing the tanning of the skin and at the same time gives that soothing effect which the skin needs after a tiresome day and I am so happy with the results. Another specialty is that I have noticed a reduction in fine wrinkles around my eyes which is just amazing.

I am loving it. So totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for an overall good and working toner at this amazing price.

Also, I liked the bottle very much. It’s very cute.

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